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Judge Not Because Your Shit is Raggedy Too

“I know you’d like to think your shit don’t stink but lean a little bit closer…” ~Outkast

Hello loves. I promise this will be a quick and dirty post. Okay, it’s more of a rant but this needs to be said. Some people spend entirely too much time judging other’s choices, belittling their lives and pointing out the various ways they don’t measure up to imaginary standards that they pulled out of their asses. Last I checked, there wasn’t one perfect soul on this planet. If you’re winning in one area I’m willing to bet money that you need to work on some things in a different area. You shouldn’t have to tear anyone else down or point out their flaws to make yourself look and feel better. If you think you do shoot me an email, let me know what city you live in, and I’ll help you find a good therapist with a sliding fee scale. We’re all fighting battles and dealing with issues. Focus your energy on your life, work on yourself, and mind your own damn business. Do that and I promise you’ll be much happier.


— Jae

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