Meet Jae

Avid Reader|Traveler|Foodie|Sunshine Fiend|Laughter Addict| Blogger| Writer |Speaker| Teacher

I’m glad you’ve decided to join me. I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you. I know this is the part where I’m supposed to inundate you with a list of my educational achievements, professional accomplishments, and areas of expertise. Yeah, I’m not doing all that. I will share the important stuff though – I’m a woman very much like you, or someone you know. I’m a mother, daughter, grandmother, sister, aunt, and best friend. Overall, I’ve had a pretty good life but I have had my share of rough patches, disappointments, and tragedies. I’ve had health scares, near death experiences (two), lost people I love, worked jobs I hated, married and divorced all while figuring out who I am and learning to be true to myself.

This blog grew out of a need to heal my spirit. I’ve always kept a journal, written poetry and short stories but I never shared them with anyone because…introvert. After having my second near-death experience I started this blog. Initially, my intention was to use writing as therapy. Then I began to receive emails from readers. People were actually reading what I wrote! There were some who thought I was hilarious, others who said I gave them something to think about. Then there were those who said I had helped them and asked for more.

Ask and you shall receive. This is where I’ll be sharing my stories, lessons learned, and original content (books, videos, courses, etc.) to encourage and support you on your journey. I love hearing from my tribe so don’t hesitate to reach out – I always write back. I’m here to inspire you to create the life of your dreams and do a little something called ‘what YOU want.’ Think of me as your Chief Inspiration Officer.

Be warned, if you are looking for a perfectly filtered and curated version of my life you will be sorely disappointed. You’re going to get it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some days it will be incredibly beautiful but other days it will be raw and unfiltered because that’s how real life works and that’s what I’m living – a R.E.A.L. life.