The Curious Case of ‘Community Peen.’


Social Media has changed the way we date for better and for worse. On one hand, you have a practically endless pool of potential partners literally at your fingertips. On the other hand, he has a practically endless pool of potential partners literally at his fingertips. C’mon, y’all know what I’m talking about. Take Facebook for instance. There is a group for EVERYTHING on Facebook. DIY Brides on a Budget, Polyamorous Relationships, I Hate Grandpa Joe (of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory fame), Big Dick Philly Men – just to name a few. As you can imagine, there are thousands of singles groups on Facebook filled with men and women some of whom are looking for love – others not so much. In many of these singles groups you find men who are hell bent on getting into as many pairs of panties as they can, usually by employing less than honorable methods. These are the men who earn the reputation of being ‘Community Peen.’

Community Peen is a label given to men who join dozens of Facebook groups then proceed to meet and have sex with as many female members as they can. They are successful in their conquests because they use fuckboy tactics to ensnare the unsuspecting object of their desire. They use singles Facebook groups as their preferred hunting ground because it increases their success rate. They prey on women who are looking for relationships by pretending to be looking for one as well. Their interest only lasts until they’ve gotten the drawz then they’re on to the next one. It isn’t uncommon for Mr. Community Peen to run through ten or more women in a group before he’s found out. Once his secret is out, the resulting blow up is ugly and dramatic!

I saw the devastation that follows in the wake of a community peen incident up close and personal. It was the worst situation involving community peen that I have ever witnessed. I was a member of a Facebook group which was not a singles group but more of a social group. There was a male member, let’s call him Darius, who was scandalous to put it mildly. Darius was the dude who played the role of harmless flirt publicly but behind the scenes he was sending private messages to several of the women in the group. He was going out on dates with these women, flying out of state to visit some, inviting others to fly in and visit him and taking road trips to visit the rest. He had at least three of these women believing they were in a dating relationship with him. He even went as far as meeting and spending time with one woman AND her child, posing for pictures with them like they were the Heart Family! Darius was quite proud of his body and freely and often shared dick pics and videos of himself with his meat greased up looking like a low budget porn star. This would prove to be his downfall.

Darius had no discretion. He was in so many different women’s inboxes he lost track of which of the ladies were friends or at least friendly enough to chat with each other. Consequently, a few of the ladies got to chatting in a private Facebook Messenger group. Unfortunately for Darius his name came up in conversation and the ladies quickly figured out that he had been quite busy. They began to compare notes, then pictures and finally videos. Lo and behold they realized that not only were they NOT the sole object of his affection at least five of them had been sharing the peen! I’m sure you can imagine the fallout. These women were horrified, humiliated and crushed. They all left the group, two left Facebook entirely. Darius left the group after being publicly ridiculed but he continues his fuckery in other groups.

Ladies be warned, the Darius situation described above wasn’t unique at all. There are several Dariuses operating on Facebook. Keep your eyes open and your wits about you. Protect ya neck and your heart.

— Jae

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