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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hi, I’m Jae. I’m introverted but social, rebellious and opinionated with an irreverent sense of humor. I’m sensitive, occasionally moody and emotional. I’m empathic, compassionate, creative, curious and spontaneous. I’m profane, occasionally profound and unfiltered. I’m addicted to reading, learning new things, personal development and self-reflection. Okay, okay that self-reflection thing often looks like second-guessing myself and overthinking every damn thing but I’m working on it. I’m a hopeless romantic who believes in true love but often wonders if true love believes in me. It’s very nice to make your acquaintance, and you are?

No, who are you really? I didn’t ask your name or what you do for a living. Nope, not interested in your relationship status, organizational affiliation, religious affiliation or the neighborhood you rep. Who. Are. You? I don’t want to know who your parents say you are or who your friends think you are. Who are you behind closed doors when no one is looking? It’s okay, I know you might not remember. You’ve spent so much time masquerading as your representative that you’ve lost touch with yourself. You’ve forgotten who you truly are, or worse yet, you’ve let someone convince you that who you are isn’t good enough. I’m here to tell you they fucking lied.

There isn’t a perfect person among us. Each of us is flawed and beautifully so. Some of our flaws are ones that we perceive to be flawed (my sensitivity be damned!). Others we need to work on (man when I tell you my mouth used to be RECKLESS!!). Our flaws become tragic when we use them to excuse our shitty behavior or to justify being fucked up people. What’s equally tragic is when we pretend to be someone we’re not to please others. You were not designed to be liked or appreciated by everyone. Everyone has value, flaws and all, but not everyone recognizes it. Those who recognize your value, who love you in spite of or because of your flaws, that’s your tribe – keep them close.

— Jae

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