I Read I Know Shit and I Have an Opinion About Everything.

Welcome to my world! No, really, thanks so much for stopping by. I’m Jae, she who muses, writes, vents, shares, analyzes, deconstructs and occasionally curses. Okay, I’m lying. The cursing will occur more than occasionally. Bear with me, I’m profound as well as profane. I promise, if you stick around, I will take you on one wild ride. Nothing is off-limits here. I’ll be discussing sex, love, travel, music, food, books, films, politics, education, religion, spirituality (they are NOT the same thing), Darth Cheeto AKA Fuckface von Trumpelstiltskin and anyone or anything that happens to catch my attention. Be forewarned, I was born without a filter (thanks, Dad!), I’m fluent in sarcasm, willow trees come to me to learn how to throw shade and my petty is large and freakishly strong. We’re gonna have a great time!

— Jae

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