Welcome to my little corner of the innanet! I’m Ja’Meda, but puh-leeze call me Jae. I am an introverted,  free-spirited, book-loving, traveling foodie who is a bit of an inner glow up junkie and loves to write and take photos. Sharing stories, travel adventures, good books and great meals gives me life!

I love helping, encouraging and inspiring others.

Life is an adventure and adventures can get hella messy and take you out of your comfort zone. Even when it is perfectly imperfect, life is still beautiful and should be lived authentically and filled with passion and purpose.

If you’re a lover of life or travel or books or food – then this is the place for you. Come with! This will be a wild ride but we’re gonna have fun. I’m profane, occasionally profound, and I have a wicked sense of humor. This trip is going to be epic!